My father was a professional musician and a student of hymnology. For many years, he visited flea markets, antique book dealers and yard sales looking for old hymnals and song books. After he retired, he gave me the bulk of his collection - two large plastic crates full of these items, many of them from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. I decided that the best way to share the collection was to scan the books and post the pages on the Web, as a primary source for those interested in these songs.

Because of the age of the books presented on this site (all of which date from 1925 or earlier), I believe that all of them are in the public domain. Therefore, I cannot claim copyright in the images of the pages. However, this site represents literally hundreds of hours of work. If you would like to use my images on your own site, please let me know and provide a link back to Historic Hymnals. Under no circumstances should you “hot-link” any of the images. That is, if you do want to use the image on your own site, please copy it to your server. First, linking directly to an image on historichymnals.com is a form of bandwidth theft. Second, it won’t work – all you’ll get for your trouble is a page with a broken image – the image directories are protected so that only sites that I allow can link directly to the images.

Robert D. Schramm