Song: O Paradise! in Gospel Hymns No. 5

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Copyright 1887, by James McGranahan

Published in Gospel Hymns No. 5 (Copyright 1890, by The Biglow & Main Co. and The John Church Co.)

J., G. M.

Page 146
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 140
Verses: 5 verses

Associated Tunes

O Paradise!, #140


Verse 1
O golden day, O day of God,
When sinless souls the garden trod!
In bliss supreme, ’neath sunny skies,
In Eden fair, in Paradise.

O Paradise, sweet Paradise,
From scenes of earth we long to rise;
O Paradise, bright Paradise,
Where Jesus reigns beyond the skies.

Verse 2
The fatal fall, the sin, the shame,
The death, the doom, the sword aflame,
The curse, the crime beyond disguise,
The earth no more is Paradise.

Verse 3
The beaded brow, the silvered hair,
The aching heart, the vacant chair,
The grassy graves, the broken ties,
Are not the scenes of Paradise.

Verse 4
To Christ the Lord upon the tree,
A sinner cries:– “Remember me!”
“To-day shalt thou,” the Lord replies,
“Be with me there in Paradise.”

Verse 5
O golden day when Christ descends,
The curse removes and sorrow ends;
All glory-clad, the ransomed rise
To reign with Him in Paradise.