Song: Revive Thy Work in Gospel Hymns No. 5

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Copyright 1887, by James McGranahan

Published in Gospel Hymns No. 5 (Copyright 1890, by The Biglow & Main Co. and The John Church Co.)

Midlane, Albert

Page 160
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 155
Verses: 4 verses

Associated Tunes

Revive Thy Work, #155


Verse 1
Revive Thy work, O Lord!
Thy mighty arm make bare;
Speak with the voice that wakes the dead,
And make Thy people hear.

Revive! revive!
And give refreshing showers;
The glory shall be all Thine own;
The blessing shall be ours.

Verse 2
Revive Thy work, O Lord!
Disturb this sleep of death;
Quicken the smould’ring embers now
By Thine Almighty breath.

Verse 3
Revive Thy work, O Lord!
Create soul-thirst for Thee;
But hung’ring for the bread of life,
Oh, may our spirits be!

Verse 4
Revive Thy work, O Lord!
Exalt Thy precious name;
And, by the Holy Ghost, our love
For Thee and Thine inflame.