Song: Onward Till the Dawning in Make Christ King

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Copyright 1912, by Chas. H. Gabriel. Homer Rodeheaver, owner.

Published in Make Christ King (Copyright 1912, by W. E. Biederwolf)

Gabriel, Charles Hutchinson as Homer, Charlotte G.

Page 78
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 74
Verses: 3 verses

Associated Tunes

Onward Till the Dawning, #74


Verse 1
In the service of the Master
Our days are passing by;
Thro’ shadow and sunshine
We’re marching to our home on high;
Our Leader unto us is calling:
“Come on! be not dismayed,
For I, even I am
Before thee, be thou not afraid!”

Marching, marching on we go,
Thro’ desert, or where cooling waters flow,
Tho’ flood or flame
We bless His name,
And to the world His love proclaim;
Onward till the dawning of the day when war forevermore shall cease.
Onward till the dawning of the day when we shall see the Prince of Peace.

Verse 2
Often, while the battle rages,
While skies above us frown,
While weak and discouraged,
We all but lay our armor down,
We hear our great Commander saying:
“I fought the fight for thee!
I suffered! and canst thou
Not bear the cross awhile for Me?”

Verse 3
When our marching days are over,
When war and strife shall cease,
When victors triumphant
We rise to hail the Prince of Peace,
Then we shall see Him in His beauty,
Shall look upon His face,
And praise Him forever,
Who loved and saved us by His grace.