Song: Song of Victory, A in Make Christ King

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Copyright 1904, by Chas. H. Gabriel. 1907, by E. O. Excell.

Published in Make Christ King (Copyright 1912, by W. E. Biederwolf)

Gabriel, Charles Hutchinson as Homer, Charlotte G.

Page 160
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 157
Verses: 3 verses

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Song of Victory, A, #157


Verse 1
Loudly unto the world is a chorus resounding,
From the hosts of the Lord as they march along,
Rich in harmony, sending the echoes rebounding,
Swelling mightily from the victorious throng.

Victory! rings aloud the battle cry, battle cry!
Till the glad echoes reach the vaulted sky, vaulted sky;
O’er all the word be unfurled now His flag from shore to shore;
Loyal, true, in the ranks each soldier stands, bravely stands,
Gladly His will obeying in whate’er He commands;
He the King, the kingdom His forevermore.

Verse 2
Pressing onto the battle, each soldier rejoices,
Singing joyfully unto the gracious King,
Earth is joining her praise with the tumult of voices,
While the arches of heaven with music ring.

Verse 3
Glory! glory to God in the highest forever!
For the King in His beauty shall yet appear;
Shout aloud, for Jehovah, our God, will deliver;
His the battle, and victory draweth near.