Song: Banner of the Cross, The in Make Christ King

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Copyright 1913, by Chas. H. Gabriel. E. O. Excell, owner.

Published in Make Christ King (Copyright 1912, by W. E. Biederwolf)

Bangs, E. M.

Page 174
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 164
Verses: 3 verses

Associated Tunes

Banner of the Cross, The, #164


Verse 1
Gird on your steadfast armor,
O soldiers of the cross,
Go forward into battle,
Nor fear repulse nor loss;
Make ready for the conflict,
The Captain’s call obey;
Then rally and march onward,
The trumpet sounds to-day.

Then onward to the battle,
We’re marching in our might,
We’re pressing tow’rd the victory,
We’re fighting for the right;
Upon the breeze resplendent
Our colors now we toss,
And o’er our heads shall ever float
The Banner of the Cross.

Verse 2
The Giant of Temptation
Will meet us as we go;
We need our strongest armor
To greet this mighty foe;
But our good sword, Resistance,
Will hold and bind him fast,
And with our Captain leading,
We’ll conquer him at last.

Verse 3
The enemies approaching
Are Selfishness, and Greed,
Vain-glory, and Impatience:
Our Leader’s help we need.
Yet ever marching onward,
Why have we fear of loss,
When over us is floating
The Banner of the Cross?