Song: There's a Wideness in Make Christ King

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Published in Make Christ King (Copyright 1912, by W. E. Biederwolf)

Faber, Frederick W.

Page 219
Format: Mixed words and music
Designation: 266
Verses: 4 verses

Associated Tunes

There's a Wideness, #266


Verse 1
There’s a wideness in God’s mercy,
Like the wideness of the sea,
There’s a kindness in His justice,
Which is more than liberty.

Verse 2
There is welcome for the sinner,
And more graces for the good;
There is mercy with the Savior,
There is healing in His blood.

Verse 3
For the love of God is broader
Than the measure of man’s mind;
And the heart of the Eternal,
Is most wonderfully kind.

Verse 4
If our love were but more simple,
We should take Him at His word;
And our lives would be all sunshine
In the sweetness of our Lord.