Song: Pearls of Praise in Pearls of Praise

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Published in Pearls of Praise (Copyright 1893, by the Amstutz Music Co.)

Latchaw, J. R. H.

Page 3
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 1
Verses: 4 verses

Associated Tunes

Pearls of Praise, #1


Verse 1
Praise him, praise the Lord, ye people,
Lift your voices high and sing;
Pour forth praises loud and ample,
Let the mighty anthem ring.

Hallelujah! Let us praise him,
Make the heav’nly arches ring;
Song of songs and praise of praises,
To the Lord Jehovah bring.

Verse 2
Praise the Father, Lord almighty,
And his wondrous love proclaim;
Heav’n and earth join in the chorus,
And repeat the glad refrain.

Verse 3
Praise the Son of God incarnate,
Men and angels praise his name;
Yesterday, now and forever,
Jesus Christ is just the same.

Verse 4
Praise the ever blessed Spirit,
Holy Comforter and Guide;
May his blessings we inherit,
And our wants are all supplied.

Praise the Father, Son and Spirit,
God of angels and of men;
Glory, honor, blessing, merit,
Be unto his name. Amen.