Song: Lo! a Mighty Army in The Old Story in Song

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Copyright 1893, by Chas. H. Gabriel. H. N. Lincoln, owner

Published in The Old Story in Song (Copyright 1906, by Geo. W. Sanville)

Jackson, Rev. Henry Godden

Page 128
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 128
Verses: 3 verses

Associated Tunes

Lo! a Mighty Army, #128


Verse 1
Lo! a mighty army now assembling,
Rallying to the cross, a mighty band,
Bold to strive against the pow’rs of evil,
Sworn to do or die at God’s command.

Forward, ye soldiers of Jesus,
With his banner o’er you.
Charge the foe before you;
Valiantly follow your Captain,
Till the fight with sin is o’er;
Forward, ye soldiers of Jesus,
Faithful to your calling,
Tho’ in battle falling,
Ye shall with Jesus victorious
Reign in glory evermore.

Verse 2
Marshall’d a league of eager, youthful soldiers,
Girth with truth they bear the Spirit’s sword,
Shield of faith and helmet of salvation,
Ready, waiting for the Captain’s word.

Verse 3
Fierce and long may be the direful conflict
With the host of unbelief and sin,
Falter not, but swift go forth to battle,
Truth and right with God the fight will win.