Song: Almost in The Great Awakening

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Published in The Great Awakening (Copyright 1886, by The John Church Co.)

Walton, Amy Catherine Deck as Walton, Mrs. O. F.

Page 79
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 74
Verses: 3 verses

Associated Tunes

Almost, #74


Verse 1
So near the door, and the door stood wide?
Close to the port, but not inside!
Near to the fold, yet not within,
Almost resolved to give up sin!
Almost persuaded to count the cost,
Almost a Christian, and yet lost?

Verse 2
Lord, help me trust in Thy word to-day,
That Thou art the Light, the Truth, the Way.
Now as I come, with my load of sin,
The door being open, oh, help me step in.
How sad the thought that for me, at last,
The door shall be shut, and mercy past!

Verse 3
Savior, I come, I cry unto Thee,
Oh, let not these words be true of me,
I want to come to the point to-day.
Oh, suffer me not to turn away;
Give me no rest, till my soul shall be
Within the Refuge, – safe with Thee.