Song: In Our Sabbath-school in Pearls of Praise

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Published in Pearls of Praise (Copyright 1893, by the Amstutz Music Co.)

Newell, Laura E.

Page 100
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 95
Verses: 3 verses

Associated Tunes

In Our Sabbath-School, #95


Verse 1
In our Sabbath-school we rejoice today,
As we read God’s word we would fain obey;
We receive the gems that his truths impart,
More than wealth of gold to each trusting heart.

In our Sabbath-school rejoicing,
How we bless our Savior King!
It is here we learn of Jesus,
And with love his praises sing.

Verse 2
In youth’s sunny hours, while no evil days,
Come to mar our joys and to dim life’s ways;
We would come to Christ with each heart sincere,
For today he calls who is ever near.

Verse 3
In our Sabbath-school we rejoice today,
We would walk with Christ in the narrow way,
And with trusting souls we his truth receive,
Who hath said, “Repent, and my word believe.”