Song: Sowing the Seed in Pearls of Praise

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Published in Pearls of Praise (Copyright 1893, by the Amstutz Music Co.)

Fenimore, J. H.

Page 153
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 145
Verses: 3 verses

Associated Tunes

Sowing the Seed, #145


Verse 1
Sowing the seed from day to day,
Journeying along in life’s rough way,
Some seed falls on stony ground,
Where no depth of earth is found.

Sowing the seed, but not in vain,
Soon the harvest time will come;
When will be gathered the golden grain
Into the garner safe at home.

Verse 2
Some by the wayside, too is sown,
Where the fowls gathered them one by one;
Some seed falls among the thorns,
Thorns spring up and choke them down.

Verse 3
Other seed falls on fertile soil,
Where neither the drouth nor thorns can spoil;
Sunshine bright and raindrops pure,
Soon the harvest will mature.