Song: Workers in the Vineyard in Pearls of Praise

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Published in Pearls of Praise (Copyright 1893, by the Amstutz Music Co.)

Fenimore, J. H.

Page 163
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 155
Verses: 3 verses

Associated Tunes

Workers in the Vineyard, #155


Verse 1
We are workers in the vineyard of the Lord,
And we labor day by day;
For we study well his holy word,
And we hourly watch and pray.

We will work in the vineyard,
And we’ll hourly watch and pray;
We will work in the vineyard,
We will work in the vineyard ev’ry day.

Verse 2
Though our hands are very small, our faith is strong,
We will work with strength and might;
And we’ll help the Master’s cause along,
And battle for the right.

Verse 3
When this life of toil and labor are all o’er,
And our trials are all past;
We will praise his name for evermore,
That we’re safely home at last.