Song: Peace Like a River in Songs of Praise and Salvation

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Copyright 1902, by Wm. J. Kirkpatrick

Published in Songs of Praise and Salvation (Copyright 1903 (circa))

Wingate, Mary B.

Page 41
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 41
Verses: 4 verses

Associated Tunes

Peace Like a River, #41


Verse 1
“Peace like a river!” O Lord, can it be
Wonderful blessings are waiting for me?
Oft I rejoice when some clear sparkling rill
Comes from the fountain my spirit to fill;
Now will it seem in its fulness to me,
Coming at flood-tide, like waves of the sea.

Peace, peace, like a river’s flow,
Peace, peace, my spirit shall know.

Verse 2
“Peace like a river!” thry word must be true,
What thou hast promised, thou surely wilt do,
If I but list to thy loving command,
If I but follow thy dear beck’ning hand;
“Peace like a river” my spirit shall feel,  Joy without measure thy love shall reveal.

Verse 3
“Peace like a river!” that never runs dry!
Why drink at pools when the fountain is nigh?
River of crystal from under the throne,
Water the sweetest that ever was known;
Free for the poorest, the Saviour has said,
Come to the fountain, the price has been paid.

Verse 4
“Peace like a river!” its waves like the sea!
O grant this wonderful blessing to me;
Broaden the way, that the water may flow,
Deepen the channel thro’ which it must go;
Banish whatever may stand in the way,
“Peace like a river” is flowing today.