Song: Oh, Christian, Look Up! in Songs of Gladness

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Published in Songs of Gladness (Copyright 1869, by J. E. Gould)

Page 62
Format: Mixed words and music
Verses: 3 verses

Associated Tunes

Oh, Christian, Look Up!


Verse 1
Oh, Christian, look up thro’ the dim night of sorrow,
Thro’ th’ madness and woe that are weighing thee down,
See! glowing above thee, a glorious “tomorrow,”
Illum’d by the rays of the “Cross and the Crown.”

Look up thro’ thy sorrow and darkness of night
To the glorious tomorrow so cheerful and bright.

Verse 2
Nay! warrior, now pause, e’er the death-dealing dagger
Shall chain thee for ever to torments untold,
Through trials so fierce that thy soul may well stagger,
See “mercy” is waiting thy faith to uphold.

Verse 3
Oh, Calvary, goal of my earthly ambition!
Ah shield me from “Caves of all Doubt and Despair;”
Life’s warfare soon over, what glorious fruition–
For ever the smiles of my Saviour to share!