Song: Roll On, Roll On in Songs of Gladness

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Published in Songs of Gladness (Copyright 1869, by J. E. Gould)

Page 71
Format: Mixed words and music
Verses: 3 verses

Associated Tunes

Roll On, Roll On


Verse 1
Soon will our weeping-time be o’er,
When we shall weep and sigh no more;
Jesus himself shall guide the way,
Till safe we rest in endless day.

Roll on, roll on,
Sweet moments, roll on,
And let us poor pilgrims go home, go home.

Verse 2
A few more rolling years, at most,
Will land us safe on Canaan’s coast;
From sleeping clay and beds of dust
Our Jesus will call home the just.

Verse 3
And when we Christ in glory meet,
Our thrilling hopes will be complete;
Then shall we sing the song of grace,
Safe in our glorious dwelling-place.