Song: Angel Boatman, The in Songs of Gladness

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Published in Songs of Gladness (Copyright 1869, by J. E. Gould)

Baxter, Mrs. Lydia

Page 143
Format: Full words and music
Verses: 3 verses

Associated Tunes

Angel Boatman, The


Verse 1
One by one we cross the river,
One by one we’re passing o’er:
One by one the crowns are given,
On the bright and happy shore.
Youth and childhood oft are passing,
O’er the dark and rolling tide,
And the blessed, holy Spirit
Is the dying Christian’s guide,
And the loving gentle Spirit
Bears them o’er the rolling tide.

Verse 2
One by one we come to Jesus,
As we heed his gentle voice;
One by one his vineyard enter,
There to labor and rejoice.
One by one sweet flow’rs we gather,
In the glorious work of love,–
Garlands for the blessed Saviour,
Gather for the realms above,
And the loving gentle Spirit
Bears them to our home of love.

Verse 3
One by one the heavy laden,
Sink beneath the noontide sun;
And the aged pilgrim welcomes
Evening shadows as they come.
One by one with sins forgiven,
May we stand upon the shore,
Waiting till the blessed Spirit
Takes our hand and guides us o’er,
And the loving gentle Spirit
Leads us to the shining shore.