Song: Adam's Ale in Songs of Gladness

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Published in Songs of Gladness (Copyright 1869, by J. E. Gould)

Stryker, Rev. Peter

Page 165
Format: Words only
Verses: 4 verses

Associated Tunes

O Saviour Mine


Verse 1
O come with me, and sing with glee,
Each temperance son and daughter,
A happy band, joined hand in hand,
In praise of pure, cold water.

This Adam’s ale does not turn pale
Nor human victims slaughter;
’Tis clear and bright as rays of light
This pure life-giving water.

Verse 2
Fools may combine to sing of wine,
Of whisky, gin, or porter;
But we delight with all our might
To sing of pure, cold water.

Verse 3
Down mountain side behold it glide,
A joy to son and daughter,
From rocky cell, in shady dell,
Springs forth the pure, cold water.

Verse 4
Distilled on high, down from the sky
It drops from every quarter,
Man makes the wine, but hands divine
Create the pure, cold water.