Song: All Tears in Songs of Love and Praise, No. 4

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Copyright 1879, by Jno. R. Sweney

Published in Songs of Love and Praise, No. 4 (Copyright 1897, by John J. Hood)

Harris, Flora B.

Page 48
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 48
Verses: 4 verses

Associated Tunes

All Tears, #48


Verse 1
Above earth’s grief and sighing,
Its want and pain and dying,
Look up and see the glory
Prepared for you and me.

All tears, all tears God shall wipe away,
In the full and perfect day;
Once forever, once forever,
God shall wipe all tears away.

Verse 2
The Lamb himself shall feed us,
The Lamb himself shall lead us
To drink from living fountains,
That flow for you and me.

Verse 3
No burning sun shall smite us,
His glorious face shall light us;
The beauty of his presence,
It shines for you and me.

Verse 4
Tho’ countless hosts before him
With rapture-strains adore him,
Yet in the mighty choral
Are songs for you and me.