Song: Greatness of His Mercy, The in Songs of Love and Praise, No. 4

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Copyright 1897, by Jno. R. Sweney

Published in Songs of Love and Praise, No. 4 (Copyright 1897, by John J. Hood)

Crosby, Fanny J.

Page 67
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 67
Verses: 4 verses

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Greatness of His Mercy, The, #67


Verse 1
When in Jesus we believe, and his pardon we receive,
What a comfort to the soul the promise brings;
That the weary and oppress’d, when they come to him for rest,
He will cover with the shadow of his wings.

O sing the greatness of his mercy,
Unto those that seek him ever full and free;
O sing, while angels join the chorus,
Rolling onward like the sea.

Verse 2
When in Jesus we abide, and by faith are justified,
We have peace with God the Father thro’ his name;
And the joy that fills the heart, tho’ its earthly hopes depart,
Thro’ his all-atoning merit we may claim.

Verse 3
When in Jesus we are one we can say, his will be done,
We can trust him where perhaps we cannot trace;
For he keeps us by his pow’r, ev’ry moment, ev’ry hour,
And we feel the sweet refreshing of his grace.

Verse 4
Oh, the whispers of his love, how they cheer us from above,
While they tell of yonder mansions bright and fair;
Where, beyond the swelling tide, we shall anchor at his side,
And he gathered with the saints in glory there.