Song: God Answers Prayer in Songs of Love and Praise, No. 4

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Copyright 1897, by Jno. R. Sweney

Published in Songs of Love and Praise, No. 4 (Copyright 1897, by John J. Hood)

Hewitt, Eliza Edmunds

Page 82
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 82
Verses: 4 verses

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God Answers Prayer, #82


Verse 1
God gives me this assurance sweet,
He’ll meet me at the mercy-seat;
Peace sheds a benediction there,
Because God hears and answers prayer.

God will answer, certainly answer,
Lovingly answer my prayer;
God will answer, certainly answer,
Answer my trustful prayer.

Verse 2
When sorrow presses to my heart,
And joys, like morning dews, depart;
It soothes the pain and lifts the care,
To know that God will answer prayer.

Verse 3
Oh, let me trust the Father still,
And wait the workings of his will;
The time, the manner he’ll prepare,
His truth is pledg’d to answer prayer.

Verse 4
When in this blessed home I see
The face of him who died for me,
And his immortal glories share,
I’ll know that God has answer’d prayer.