Song: Repent and Believe in Songs of Praise and Salvation

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Copyright 1902, by H. L. Gilmour

Published in Songs of Praise and Salvation (Copyright 1903 (circa))

Morris, Leila Naylor

Page 74
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 76
Verses: 4 verses

Associated Tunes

Repent and Believe, #76


Verse 1
Redemption is offered by Jesus the Lord
To all who would pardon receive;
The terms of salvation laid down in God’s word
Are but to “Repent and believe.”

Reject Him no longer, but come as thou art
In loving surrender give Jesus thy heart;
Salvation this moment from Him to receive,
This all He requireth, “Repent and believe.”

Verse 2
Thou never couldst merit this wonderful gift,
Tho’ years thou should struggle and try;
Think not of thy fitness, but think of the love
Which caused Him for sinners to die.

Verse 3
No sin could so blacken the fair page of life,
And cause thee God’s wrath to receive,
As scorning the love of His Son crucified,
Refusing on Him to believe.

Verse 4
A perfect salvation from Christ to receive,
If thou with His terms wilt comply;
Repent and believe, and eternally live,
Refuse, and eternally die.