Song: Anywhere in Heaven in Songs of Love and Praise, No. 4

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Copyright 1893, by Jno. R. Sweney

Published in Songs of Love and Praise, No. 4 (Copyright 1897, by John J. Hood)

Crosby, Fanny J.

Page 180
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 180
Verses: 3 verses

Associated Tunes

Anywhere in Heaven, #180


Verse 1
When my warfare is accomplished,
And the march of life is o’er,
When I step within the portals
That my friends have passed before;
When my Saviour bids me welcome
To a home prepared above,
And I know that still he loves me
With an everlasting love.

Anywhere in heaven will be joy enough for me,
Joy enough for me, when my blessed Lord I see;
There among the ransomed ones to shout redemption free,
Anywhere in heaven will be joy enough for me.

Verse 2
When the prophets and the martyrs
Praise Jehovah in their song,
And the angels, with their trumpets,
Join the great and mighty throng;
When the four and twenty elders
At the Saviour’s feet shall fall,
And I listen to their anthem
As they crown him Lord of all.

Verse 3
I have looked, as in a vision,
On the city built of gold,
And its river, gently flowing,
In my dreams I oft behold;
But the fulness of its glory
I can never understand
Till my spirit-eyes are opened,
And I reach the morning land.