Song: I Will! in Gospel Hymns No. 5

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Copyright 1883, by James McGranahan

Published in Gospel Hymns No. 5 (Copyright 1890, by The Biglow & Main Co. and The John Church Co.)

Whittle, Daniel Webster as Nathan, El.

Page 70
Format: Full words and music
Designation: 68
Verses: 5 verses

Associated Tunes

I Will!, #68


Verse 1
Once more, my soul, thy Saviour, thro’ the Word,
Is offered full and free;
And now, O Lord, I must, I must decide;
Shall I accept of Thee?

I will! I will!
I will, God helping me,
I will, I will be thine!
Thy precious blood was shed to purchase me–
I will be wholly Thine!

Verse 2
By grace I will Thy mercy now receive,
Thy love my heart hath won;
On Thee, O Christ, I will, I will believe,
And trust in Thee alone!

Verse 3
Thou knowest, Lord, how very weak I am,
And how I fear to stray;
For strength to serve I look to Thee alone–
The strength Thou must supply!

Verse 4
And now, O Lord, give all with us to-day
The grace to join our song;
And from the heart to gladly with us say:
“I will to Christ belong!”

Verse 5
To all who came, when Thou wast here below,
And said, “O Lord, wilt Thou?”
To them “I will!” was ever Thy reply;
We rest upon it now.


(Suggested by the response of the young men of Limerick to Mr. Moody's question, "Will you trust Christ?" at the Meetings in that City, October, 1883.)